My transition to eating Gluten Free: My favorite GF recipes and snacks

Happy Saturday friends! I thought Saturday would be a perfect day to share this long story of mine, so here we go…

I recently discovered that I should not be eating any gluten. It not only upsets my stomach, but it also causes rashes and eczema breakouts on my body. I’ve always had eczema. When I was younger it was all over my arms and would get worse in the heat. I remember going to the doctor countless amounts of times to get new creams and advice on what to do to help me to stop itching. My arms were torn up. I got made fun of in elementary school because I would never take my sweatshirt off even if it was 85 degrees out. I was so embarrassed by this rash on me. Around 6th grade, I finally decided to start wearing short sleeve shirts and then the comments started. “What is THAT?! Do you cut yourself???” I started to sleep with socks on my hands because I knew that in my sleep I scratched my arms the most. Eventually, around 10th grade, the eczema on my arms miraculously went away and all that was left was scars. My skin is extremely sensitive and I seem to always have some sort of eczema but nothing as bad as what I experienced during my childhood.

This past January I started noticing these tiny little bumps under my nose. It started as a cluster of 2 little bumps and rapidly turned into probably 12-15. I changed my skin care routine multiple times thinking that it was because of something that I was using on my face. I got a second opinion and narrowed it down as being a reaction to something I was eating… it was not from anything that I was using on my face. At this point, I had started a food log and would try to keep an eye on the rash as best as I could to see if it would change depending on different foods I had eaten. The rash wasn’t getting better, it was getting worse. The only thing that I could narrow down was gluten because it is in SO many things that we eat every day. I spoke to my Mom, who is a nurse, and to my doctor and BINGO… gluten allergy!

It’s been about a month now and the rash has cleared up tremendously. The transition hasn’t really been as hard as I expected it to be. When you first hear “gluten free” your mind kind of freaks out, but it has not been bad at all. In fact, I’ve never felt better! With help and advice from my friend who is gluten and dairy free, I was all set. I have always had pretty good eating habits thanks to my Mom but of course, the one thing I was worried about during this transition was pasta… I could live with out bread, to be honest, but not pasta. Pasta has always been my bad habit. You can do so much to a pasta dish and it’s quick and easy! I have tried many different brands of gluten free pasta and have found only one that I really love! Other than gluten free pasta, I eat a TON of fruits and veggies, salads with grilled chicken or fish on top, and popcorn or corn chips sometimes for snacks. As long as I can still eat pasta and my most favorite meal of all time, tacos, I’m alright! Eating out can sometimes be a challenge but many restaurants these days have gluten free options. If the restaurant I’m at doesn’t have any gluten free options I tend to stick with a salad. I’ve been looking up gluten free recipes and trying them one by one. I have a few favorites that have been excellent that I’ll share with you a long with my go to snacks because let’s face it, we’re all “snackers” at heart…

*** Most of these recipes are from … Skinnytaste is an amazing website! My family has been using this website for years. My Mom and Grandparents are on Weight Watchers and Skinnytaste is super convenient because all of the recipes are WW approved and even have the number of WW points on the recipe.  Skinnytaste has options for everyone! They have a “special diets” tab where you will find recipes and options for, GF, paleo diet, slow cooker meals, low carb, vegetarian, and many more!

Before I get into my favorite recipes and snack ideas, here’s my favorite gluten free pasta that I was talking about…

My favorite GF recipes:


My favorite GF snacks:

-Cold cuts wrapped around a pickle

-Boom Chicka Pop popcorn – THE BEST!

-Corn tortilla chips with homemade salsa

-Fruit salad

-Carrots or celery with hummus- My FAVORITE hummus (If you like a kick of heat and sweetness, you’ll love this!)

– And we can’t forget about pretzels… These are THE BEST! Even if I wasn’t eating gluten free I would choose these over regular pretzels.

Obviously, these are just MY favorites (and the list is growing)… There are so many other recipes and other snack ideas out there that are just as good. Check out Skinnytaste! You will not be disappointed! Thanks for reading… enjoy your Saturday!